Good to Know

Evermind provides peace of mind to those who live alone, or who need extra support, and the people who care about them by detecting when electrical appliances are switched on and off.

Compatible appliances include microwave ovens, coffee makers, TVs, lamps, curling irons, CPAP machines, garage door openers, and many more.

Daily rituals like making coffee in the morning or watching a favorite television show before bedtime serve as a way to check-in, signaling that everything is okay, even when it’s not possible to call or drop by.

How it Works

Evermind sends text message or email notifications that offer reassurance
throughout the day and timely alerts when changes in activity could be cause for concern.

  1. a coffee maker being switched on

    Evermind detects when appliances are switched on and off.

  2. the Evermind network receiving switching information

    Evermind sends information to the Evermind network.

  3. a cell phone displaying the text message: coffee maker on at 7am

    Depending on your preference, Evermind will send a notification when an appliance is used or not used within a specific period of time.

For Any Family

  • Now when I call her I can just call her to chat because I already know she's okay.

    • Linda, age 70
    • caregiver to her mother-in-law Lois, age 96
  • Mom and Dad feel more secure now that this system is in place. It’s my peace of mind and theirs too. They know that if there is a problem, I’m going to be calling.

    • Vona
    • caregiver to her mother & father, a retired vet with PTSD
  • Evermind let me know my daughter had been watching TV in the middle of the night. Turns out she was taking her Ritalin too late in the day and it was keeping her up.

    • Toni, age 42
    • caregiver to her 18-year old daughter with autism and ADHD
  • She’s too young for a medical alert button; that would cramp her style too much.

    • Darla, age 45
    • caregiver to her recently-widowed mother Carla, age 69

Set up in Minutes

Evermind includes three sensors — you can monitor one, two, or three appliances. Simply plug the Evermind sensors into a power source, such as a wall outlet or power strip, and then plug electrical appliances into the sensors. The sensors connect to the Evermind network using built-in wireless Internet. No home Internet connection is required.

Three Evermind sensors, lined up in a row.
An iPad Air displaying the Evermind web interface.

Gain More Insight

Access your secure account on the Evermind website from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Gain greater insight into trends related to long-term well-being.

The Evermind product box, which includes 3 sensors.

It’s Easy to Purchase Evermind Today!

$199 for the system, then $29 per month.
No long-term contract.

Cancel at any time.

Monitor up to three appliances. Stay connected by text message or email. Gain greater insight over time.

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